Studying Art in August: Day 4

Today’s theme was organic shapes. I was really on the lookout for fractal patterns and was pleased to find a ton of cones on our hemlock trees. I was using an extension tube with my 50 prime and was having a hard time getting the tiny cones in focus. So I just popped one off and took a picture that way instead.

Hemlock Cone

Then there were my mother in law’s beautiful cactuses? Cacti? I love the star patterns.

Potted Cactus

Studying Art in August: Day 3

Today is a quick post. I was at work today and had to throw something together quick once I got home. The theme today was circles. So we blew some bubbles. I loved her excitement, however my shutter speed was a bit too slow to capture a clapping baby without blur :(

Here was one of the better shots. I’m not pleased with it. The lighting was pretty awful. This is definitely a shoot I’m going to do again- when the lighting conditions are better.

Baby and bubbles

Tomorrow is Shapes: fractals/ organic

Studying Art in August: Day 2

Continuing with the theme of shapes, today was triangles.

I was a bit worried that there wouldn’t be many triangles to choose from. But the more I looked the more I saw of them today. From the ears of my cat, to the wings of a bird, to rocks and flower petals, to rooftops and street signs, to angles. And that was just physical triangles, not counting ones that were a bit more abstract like a grouping of three trees, or my daughter playing in a “down dog” yoga pose.

I forgot to mention this yesterday, but I am using the same camera and lens every day for this project. The camera is a Pentax K3 with a Pentax M 50mm 1.7. I’m doing basic editing (cropping, level adjustment) in Apple Aperture.

Without further adou:

Triangle spider: I thought at first that this guy was a spider eating some other bug. But when I got closer I saw that it is actually just a spider I’ve never seen before. I’m going to spend some time tonight looking him up. I was bummed that he was back lit. All day I waited for my husband to come back from an errand so that he could hold a reflector for me as I did a reshoot: but, alas, the spider had abandoned his web for the evening. Focus isn’t as sharp as I’d like, but I’m getting use to focusing without a split focus screen (crazy how much I depended on that thing… Katzeye, I miss you!) I did spray his web with a mister to try and get it to stand out more, but at 2.8 the lens did a great job at blurring the background so I think the mister wasn’t really needed.

Triangular spider


Then there is this guy, I saw him sitting in a power cut when I came home from the store today. He has just tons of triangles, a surprising number for something man made. I think he looks a bit like a rusty grasshopper.Rusty Grasshopper

Tomorrow’s assignment is circles.

Studying art in August: Day 1

This month I’ve decided to take and edit a picture a day. Each day will have a theme that relates back to an aspect of art theory.

To start things off, I’ve decided to begin at the beginning: shapes.

Day one: Quadrangles

We visited my mother in law in Charlottesville today and decided to go to her local farmers’ market. The fruit and veggies were beautiful and the food vendors were cooking up aromas that had me salivating.

There were plenty of squares to be had from the pint cartons of pepper and blueberries to the vendor’s tents to apple crates and craftsman’s wears. Here is one of my favorites from the day:
Pint of tomatoes

I wanted to go beyond the obvious a bit and was glad to stumble upon another display of tomatoes where the quadrangle were not as immediately apparent. As I was focusing my shot a woman reached out to grab a tomato. Her hand isn’t in focus, but this was one of my favorite shots of the day because of that human element. I also really like the workers in the background.

I'll take this one