Studying Art in August: Day 6

Keeping to the line theme, today was curved lines. And I had a tough time. Today I couldn’t seem to take a single picture in focus or compose anything or really even be inspired. I looked all over for curved lines, found tons but just nothing photogenic.

So here is my safe shot of the koi (and I hate this picture…) I was going for ripples on the water to help frame the fish. They were not cooperating.


Studying Art in August: Day 5

The first four days focused on shapes. Today the theme changes a bit to lines, specifically straight lines.

I loaded the family into the car and drove to one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever been, my father in law’s graveyard. It is up on a hill, surrounded by trees and cow pasture. I wish it had been bright enough to stop down a bit more and decrease the ISO, but alas, no luck.

This first picture is for vertical lines:

Donkey at Dusk

ISO 800, F11, 1/125, crop

Donkey at Dusk (1)

This one is for horizontal lines:

Fenced In

ISO 800, F11, 1/80

Fenced In

Studying Art in August: Day 4

Today’s theme was organic shapes. I was really on the lookout for fractal patterns and was pleased to find a ton of cones on our hemlock trees. I was using an extension tube with my 50 prime and was having a hard time getting the tiny cones in focus. So I just popped one off and took a picture that way instead.

Hemlock Cone

Then there were my mother in law’s beautiful cactuses? Cacti? I love the star patterns.

Potted Cactus

Studying Art in August: Day 3

Today is a quick post. I was at work today and had to throw something together quick once I got home. The theme today was circles. So we blew some bubbles. I loved her excitement, however my shutter speed was a bit too slow to capture a clapping baby without blur 🙁

Here was one of the better shots. I’m not pleased with it. The lighting was pretty awful. This is definitely a shoot I’m going to do again- when the lighting conditions are better.

Baby and bubbles

Tomorrow is Shapes: fractals/ organic

Studying Art in August: Day 2

Continuing with the theme of shapes, today was triangles.

I was a bit worried that there wouldn’t be many triangles to choose from. But the more I looked the more I saw of them today. From the ears of my cat, to the wings of a bird, to rocks and flower petals, to rooftops and street signs, to angles. And that was just physical triangles, not counting ones that were a bit more abstract like a grouping of three trees, or my daughter playing in a “down dog” yoga pose.

I forgot to mention this yesterday, but I am using the same camera and lens every day for this project. The camera is a Pentax K3 with a Pentax M 50mm 1.7. I’m doing basic editing (cropping, level adjustment) in Apple Aperture.

Without further adou:

Triangle spider: I thought at first that this guy was a spider eating some other bug. But when I got closer I saw that it is actually just a spider I’ve never seen before. I’m going to spend some time tonight looking him up. I was bummed that he was back lit. All day I waited for my husband to come back from an errand so that he could hold a reflector for me as I did a reshoot: but, alas, the spider had abandoned his web for the evening. Focus isn’t as sharp as I’d like, but I’m getting use to focusing without a split focus screen (crazy how much I depended on that thing… Katzeye, I miss you!) I did spray his web with a mister to try and get it to stand out more, but at 2.8 the lens did a great job at blurring the background so I think the mister wasn’t really needed.

Triangular spider


Then there is this guy, I saw him sitting in a power cut when I came home from the store today. He has just tons of triangles, a surprising number for something man made. I think he looks a bit like a rusty grasshopper.Rusty Grasshopper

Tomorrow’s assignment is circles.